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KeyPro Housing Management offers one step accommodation. We can provide a fully furnished home with all mod cons incredibly quickly; we have furniture on stock and access to our own service team. It’s great for expats, but it’s also a fantastic solution for everybody looking for housing and who want it quickly without any of the hassle. Housing Management is also an option for people who already own their own home or live in a rental property. We can also furnish, equip and manage third party properties.

Why KeyPro?

We supply suitable accommodation with suitable furnishings for every budget and at the requested quality. KeyPro works quickly, consistently and avoids any fuss. KeyPro is not an estate agent. We provide all the services you need for comfortable living: from renting the property to furnishing the apartment, and from organising an internet connection to taking out insurance. KeyPro will allocate you one contact. This person will take care of all your housing cares for the duration of your rental period.

KeyPro offers a range of houses in Amsterdam, The Hague and Groningen. In addition, our living services are available through-out the Netherlands. Already got a property in mind? KeyPro will secure the rental property and take care of the rest: the estate agents’ contract in your language of choice, the furnishings and everything else you desire during the rental period.

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keypro-housing2KeyPro Housing’s living service: the best choice for furnishing homes and for supplying fully furnished rental accommodation. Would you like more information about temporary rental properties and about how KeyPro Housing Management can help? Please contact us at: +31(0)85 00 22 110 or info@keypro.nl.