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Home Staging


Give buyers more house for their money.

Selling your house has become a challenge. How, where and who do I sell my amazing apartment to? KeyPro home staging increases the chance that your house will sell. We offer a creative and concrete plan of action. This will allow you to determine who your ideal buyer is. Request an informal quote now.

KeyPro home staging: the home for a potential buyer

Whether your home is best suited to a family, a busy single or a couple who are moving in together for the first time, KeyPro provides clear advice about how you can best sell your house to buyers.

  • Clear goals
  • Concrete plan of action
  • Adjustment ideas for any budget
  • Relevant cost-benefit analyses
  • No hassle

Experience and expertise

The staff in KeyPro’s home staging team have been active in the field of project development and project decoration for many years. Our unique experience allows us to advise you about how you can make simple adjustments to your home so it will sell quicker. We employ a no-nonsense approach which is result-oriented. KeyPro’s target-oriented home staging gives you a clear idea of your chances. We don’t tell you what to do. However, we can help you achieve a successful completion.

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keypro-housing2KeyPro Housing’s living service: the best choice for furnishing homes and for supplying fully furnished rental accommodation. Would you like more information about home staging, temporary rental properties and about how KeyPro Housing Management can help? Please contact us at: +31(0)85 00 22 110 or info@keypro.nl.