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Expat Housing The Hague


KeyPro is something to write home about. To us, expat housing in The Hague means care-free living. We offer furnished apartments in the Dutch political capital, all suited to your needs or the needs of your (international) employees. KeyPro offers fully furnished and care-free homes and apartments within five working days especially for expats. Everything is taken care of during the rental period. This includes: internet, insurance, cleaning and technical services. Already got a home in The Hague or have your sights set on one? We’ll take care of the rest.

One contact for all your housing demands and wishes

Some foreign employees will want to enjoy everything The Hague’s historic centre has to offer, they will want to the live near the Dutch parliament, while other employees will want to live in the quiet, green suburbs. KeyPro Expat Housing can help them all. KeyPro offers suitable properties in The Hague for all expats, for any budget and in accordance with any wishes. In addition you also have input when it comes to the furnishings. Classic or modern, luxurious or on a shoe-string: Expat Housing can be adjusted to your needs. KeyPro Expat Housing also offers services for owned or currently rented properties.

We also provide the following services on request:

  • Cleaning
  • Child care
  • Technical help desk
  • Internet connection
  • Taking out insurance
  • Signing (translated) contracts.

KeyPro has its own service team and offers one contact. KeyPro will provide support during the entire rental period.

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keypro-housing6KeyPro Housing’s living service: the best choice for furnishing homes and for supplying fully furnished rental accommodation. Would you like more information about temporary rental properties and about how KeyPro Housing Management can help? Please contact us at: +31(0)85 00 22 110 or info@keypro.nl